Direct Metal

Production 3D Printers

Manufacture Fully Functional Metal Parts in Hours

• Precision laser melting—patented and proven
• Increased productivity, repeatability and flexibility
• Access to a wide range of metals and alloys
• Unmatched design and manufacturing freedom
• Efficient materials and energy management

The Process

The Direct Metal process builds up fully dense, chemically pure metal parts from 3D CAD data by melting fine powder with a laser beam, layer by layer.

With layer sizes ranging from 5–30 microns, there are no limitations to part complexity.

The 3D Systems line of Direct Metal production 3D printers supports particle sizes as low as 5 microns, resulting in better part accuracy, surface finish and feature detail resolution.


When complex metal parts are needed fast, our portfolio of direct metal solutions turns market pressure into competitive advantage in industries like:
• Aerospace and defense
• Engine/component manufacturing
• Medical technology
• Patient-specific implants (PSI)
• Dental applications
• Conformal cooling in tooling inserts
• Jewellery